Since the Pandemic Started, Have you been infected with Covid-19?

please realize, all responses are anonymous, and please don't include any personal details such as your name or email address or any other information you would not want to be public. All responses will be published on the website for others to learn from. thank you, Adam (ihaveuc website creator and UC'er:)

If you previously tested positive for Covid-19, How was your experience getting past it?

For all the other UC'ers who are wondering about what to expect, please feel free to include any details such as what types of ulcerative colitis medications you may have been taking prior to your infection with Covid, what your doctor may have recommended after becoming positive for Covid, or ANY other details you wish to include. Other details you may want to include: how long were you sick with Covid-19 symptoms, do you still have any long term remaining symptoms or health problems related to covid? Had you previously been vaccinated or not?